Can I monitor the crypto being generated by our operation?

Absolutely! You can always monitor the balance of the Coaction wallet by typing the public address into your favorite blockchain explorer     (i.e.,, etc).


Additionally, that email will contain the mining pool information. This will allow you to actually see the real time status of the miner (hashrate, network shares, different machines or 'workers')   

When can I withdraw my crypto?

If you wish to withdraw to a personal wallet, simply fill out the request form and we'll get your crypto sent out with 24 hours. 


We do advise you to leave your crypto in the communal wallet to take advantage of airdrops and ease of accounting. 


       I have a question that I don't see here?

Not a problem send us an email or reach out to us on any of the social networks below, find us on telegram, send us an email, or simply open a chat right here (it's the little green bubble in the bottom right)!


What if I don't know anything about Cryptocurrency?
Not a problem! Each group is assigned an account manager who holds a masterful literacy in the space. The idea here is to allow you to learn more about this technology . . . and make money while you do it!


Why does the monthly fee increase every month?
Simply, through the nature of cryptocurrency mining, your Coaction group is acquiring more and more physical machines each month at a designated growth rate. Since we are accumulating a more machines each month, the cost to host these machines increases as we add to it.
We have secured partnerships with industry leading hosting facilities to provide us the top of the line service for our machines for the best possible rate.


Have no fear, the reason you are getting involved here is to generate money. You will be making exponentially more cryptocurrency every month.

When will I reach my ROI?
       What miners are we buying?

That's up to you! Well not entirely. Once your registration is complete and you've been assigned a group, you will be invited to the group messaging app chosen by the majority of the group (i.e. Telegram). 


Each month the CCA account rep will message the group the most effective combinations of hardware and a brief rationale behind each choice. 


The group votes and CryptoCoaction makes it happen. If you have a lazy group or many of the members are unfamiliar with the intricacies of mining crypto. We will choose what we deem to be the best option.